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Weed resistant expert addressed California Weed Science Society meeting

Jul 23, 2022


Pesticide-resistant weeds continue to be a threat to agricultural production in the US and globally. Dr. Parsa Tehranchian, SynTech Global leader for Screening and Weed Resistant Testing was invited as a key speaker at this year’s California Weed Science Society (CWSS) Meeting in Sacramento, CA.

In the session on Weed Management and Genetics, Dr. Tehranchian explained the molecular and physiological resistance mechanisms to an appreciative audience. He described the specific research methods for screening, confirmation and characterization of herbicide resistance in pre- and post-emergence grass and broadleaf weeds.

Early-stage screening of a new compound to combat herbicide-resistant sedge species in rice flooding system at SynTech’s California Technical Center, Reedley, California.

SynTech’s expertise and study range also including pesticide-resistant insects and diseases. The talk demonstrated how the Company’s field, glasshouses, analytical and radiochemical laboratories support such research, in the US and overseas, allow studies against a wide range of targets globally



For more information please visit the SynTech Research Group Resistance Monitoring page